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日本 参ります!!!

今日、日本 に 参ります!
母、兄、姉 と 一緒に 参ります!
今回は、私 の 2回目 日本 に 参ります!
私 の はじめて は 昨年 です。 
昨年 は 京都 と 大坂 に 参りました。
今回 も 同じです。 でも、今回 は 広島 と 高山 も参ります。

My attempt to write Japanese before I fly to Japan tonight!
Pardon my lousy attempt..
I'm writing this at Lang-8 too, hopefully will get someone to correct this ><

I'm going to Japan today!
I'm going together with my mother, elder brother and elder sister!
This time, would be my second time to go to Japan.
My first time was last year.
Last year I went to Kyoto and Osaka.
This year would be the same too. But, I'm going to Hiroshima and Takayama too.
Looking forward to it.


so in the end I'm going to Japan before I'm able to finish my entries for the first trip xD
I wanted to finish them before I go to Japan, but I had other things to do and had some procrastination
so i only did till DAY 2! out of 7 days @@
oh well, I'll try to finish them when I'm back..hopefully together with the second trip..but i dont think its possible before New Year..
this time I had prepared A LOT! I did all the itinerary, I even did the budgets..even calculated the transportation costs and entrance fees..and I tried to figure out the best route too! and and, I even prepared the camera!! (i have to do this since my sis who went with me last year is not going this time)
hahhahaha such a huge improvement for me xD
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