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First Overseas Trip - JAPAN 2012 ~Day1~


it's a dream came true trip for me~ Japan have always been the only country in the world that i've been dreaming to travel to, and indeed the whole trip was lovely and awesomee :D

I went to Kyoto & Osaka for 7 days with my mom & my sis..Thanks a lot to my sis for the flight ticket and hotel expenses and to my mom for the transportation expenses during our stay there. LOVE THEM SO MUCH!

So, we went there on the 5/11/12 (yup, it was more than a year ago), a week after my finals :D what an awesome way to started my hols eh hahaha

DAY 1 - From Malaysia to KIX to Kyoto

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The flight was in the morning, we reached the LCCT airport around 6 am..we left home very early, before Fajr and I had purposely slept for only few hours so that I could sleep in the plane..and just as I had planned, I did slept during the whole when i came back some of my relatives who knew that it was my first time riding  the airplane asked me how was it? what did i feel? etc unfortunately i dont have any answer for that, because I was asleep xD the only thing i could say, I had a great sleep!

the only time I was awake was during mealtime..and after eating I read through the book "Practical Japan" from cover to cover (in 30 mins xD). reading that book did came in handy during our trip..after reading, I went back to sleep until we reached Japan~

1 (1)

(proof that I was awake briefly ignore my funny face)

We reached KIX around 2 pm, then we straight away proceeded to Kyoto by JR train..

1 (4)

The JR ticket, which cost 1830 yen per person

1 (3)

my first experience riding Japan train..was feeling super excited and enjoying the scenery outside v |^_^| v

by the time we reached Kyoto it was around 5 pm, but it was already dark since it was Autumn.. so for the first day we didnt do much, we just grab some onigiri at the conbini for dinner and went straight to our hotel..

1 (5)

oh! before we went to our guesthouse, my sister was "stucked" at this pastry shop inside the Kyoto station..she was so excited seeing the pastries, but didnt buy anything in the end -.- but she did buy it the next day. i guess it took her one whole night to decide what to buy, omg.. hahha oh well, i dont blame her, everything looked so nice and Japan's pastries are realllyyy reallyyyy delicious!!

ok, so then, we reached our guesthouse - Kyoto Sunrich Guesthouse.
I LOVE this guesthouse so much!! I must say, its one of the reason i enjoyed Kyoto very much and was very sad to leave Kyoto :(

1 (7)
the entrance door. then, the left side is the kitchen, and right side is the toilet.. right next to the door is actually the washing machine
1 (8)
the toilet - which is directly opposite the kitchen.. u can see the kettle from the kitchen in the mirror xD the toilet is very clean and i love the flooring :D

1 (9)

the bathtub - my fav place in this guesthouse LOL as a person who spend a really long time in the toilet, to have a TV is really awesome! I would spend a long time in the bathtub to relief all the body aches after a long walk

1 (10)

the kitchen - as u can see we brought some bread from Malaysia. Im not sure why, of all the food =.= we also brought some Maggie in cup, and tuna can..
1 (11)
the ladder to the sleeping area. next to the ladder is a small closet while in front of the closet is the TV


the TV which can also be used as computer.. btw, Heyx3! on TV! but none of them are my favs


left: the sofa bed aka my dreamland (sorry for the mess hehhe)

this is my another fav place in the guesthouse. I became the laziest person in the world here - all the TV, heater, fan, A/C have remote controls so I dont have to move around to turn ON/OFF anything before I go to sleep. So usually once I lay down, I would watch the TV until very late, while my mom n sis are asleep and turn everything off or adjust the temp w the remote control conveniently without having to move an inch <3 <3

the sofa bed is actually exactly in front of the door on the right pic here. and as u can see from the door there's the kitchen. so, from where I sleep, it is directly in front of the main door and very near to the toilet.

1 (12)
the 2nd floor - my mom & sis' sleeping area
its a small area where u cant even stand there, my sis who is quite tall accidentally bump her head to the ceiling few times xD HAHHAHAHA
although the height is small, but its quite spacious, i think u can actually fit in 4 ppl up there.. sleeping in river (川) arrangement

actually the whole guesthouse is pretty small, but just nice for the 3 of us and it was very comfy. the place is at the housing area, so its very quiet and u can actually bump into the ppl who's staying around there. it was quite near to the kyoto station too.. i really enjoyed my stay here and wished to come back here again <3
the pricing was quite cheap too (if im not mistaken), we booked using (

ok next, i'll write about our days in japan~ the real experience!! 
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