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Ramblings of Idols, Dramas & Life

a place where I'll pour my thoughts on ANYTHING~

Round Ice vs Ice Cube?
I'm sitting in front of my laptop in my sauna-like room, waiting for my plain water to cool down.
Earlier, I went down to get some plain water to quench my thirst, while I made my way to the kitchen I was expecting to find a bottle of cold water in the fridge and planned to mix with some room temperature water so it wont be too cold.
However, as I opened the fridge, I only saw lots of chocs, some soysauce bottles, a 2L mango lassi drink, and a 1.5L 7-Up drink...there wasn't any plain water in the fridge T_____T
So, I look up at the counter top, to get the room temperature, there wasnt any water left too.
In the end, I could only get the water from the boiler and add some ice..Unfortunately, there was only few cubes left which of course, the ice melt almost as soon as I added them into the water.
 So its either I have to drink it hot, or wait for it to cool down.. Since my room is super duper hot, I choose the latter one.

and so, while waiting, and wishing there were more ice to fill up my water, I started to wonder and became curious about this thing called ICE.
While there are various types of ice shapes available, for me, the norms would be the usual cube shaped or crushed, or those kind of ice u get when u buy a pack of ice at 7E or the ones u get when u buy a glass of milo ice at mamak stalls..i have no idea how to describe the shape what more to google the pics xD i think its cylindrical, with a hole or something at the center..not sure :/

ahh, look how thirst-quenching it is..my water is still warm :(

like i've said, i know there are various shapes and some are very unique.. but i noticed when I watch some J-dramas, when they order a glass of alcoholic drink (i've no idea which type, but certainly not beer or wines), it would be served with a round shaped ice.
When I first saw it I found it so cool..I always wonder why, round? why not triangle? why not the usual cubes? is there any reason why it must be in that shape? is it particularly for a certain types of drink..why not using the round ice for ice water..but at the end of the day, I would just let it pass and assume it was for aesthetic purposes without asking my best friend, google (LOL)
and recently, during my trip to Japan, I met my brother's couchsurfing friend, Akira which we had some Okonomiyaki together. During our meals, Akira had ordered some alcoholic drink for himself, and it was served with the round ice! this had trigger my curiosity again. while my eyes had been eyeing on the ice shape once again I let it pass, without doing any research googling

So today, while waiting for my water to cool down, I had turned to my friend Google, to enlighten me why ROUND?
and so, by my 2-mins Googling, I managed to enlighten some points.
1. Its most commonly used in Japan
2. Its commonly used when drinking whiskey rock something
3. How it is made- by the easiest, cheapest method or by meticulous, hand-freezing method
4. The Importance of ROUND

ice ball
why ROUND? and how is it made?Collapse )

ahhh~ now I'm considering of buying the ice maker from Daiso :D I'm sure they have it, saw it before..
and now, my drinks are cool, I shall thirst my quench while watching the video...

1. I do not drink, and have never drank even a sip nor even plan to drink in the future
2. I do not own any of the pics, all pics are found from google images

日本 参ります!!!
今日、日本 に 参ります!
母、兄、姉 と 一緒に 参ります!
今回は、私 の 2回目 日本 に 参ります!
私 の はじめて は 昨年 です。 
昨年 は 京都 と 大坂 に 参りました。
今回 も 同じです。 でも、今回 は 広島 と 高山 も参ります。

My attempt to write Japanese before I fly to Japan tonight!
Pardon my lousy attempt..
I'm writing this at Lang-8 too, hopefully will get someone to correct this ><

I'm going to Japan today!
I'm going together with my mother, elder brother and elder sister!
This time, would be my second time to go to Japan.
My first time was last year.
Last year I went to Kyoto and Osaka.
This year would be the same too. But, I'm going to Hiroshima and Takayama too.
Looking forward to it.


so in the end I'm going to Japan before I'm able to finish my entries for the first trip xD
I wanted to finish them before I go to Japan, but I had other things to do and had some procrastination
so i only did till DAY 2! out of 7 days @@
oh well, I'll try to finish them when I'm back..hopefully together with the second trip..but i dont think its possible before New Year..
this time I had prepared A LOT! I did all the itinerary, I even did the budgets..even calculated the transportation costs and entrance fees..and I tried to figure out the best route too! and and, I even prepared the camera!! (i have to do this since my sis who went with me last year is not going this time)
hahhahaha such a huge improvement for me xD
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JAPAN 2012 TRIP ~ DAY 2 ~

So on our second day we began our journey by some sightseeing and shopping at Kiyomizudera, Shin Kyogoku Arcade and Nishiki Market!

Before I begin, I need to make 2 disclaimers:

1) 99% of the pics were not taken by me. Mostly were taken by my sister and some were by my mom. I only took some pics when my sis forced me..Yup, I only take pics when I'm forced to. If a person knows me well, or hangs around with me a lot would notice that I dont take pics..most of the pics stored in my phone are either pics of a test tubes & petri dishes with cute looking microbes for lab results, friend's notes or textbooks and maybe some random moment of my cats. but those are quite rare too..I dont hate taking pics, I just dont bother to take any..because I really sucks in taking pics and I prefer capturing the moments in my memories rather than taking pics but after sorting the pics for this Japan trip entries, I've started to understand the importance of taking pics xD

2) Throughout the whole trip, I have no idea where we were going, the route etc. I simply tagged along and have no idea how to find our way. Each time my mom and sis discussed about the trains and direction, I would be standing next to them and looked around, enjoying my own world ;D I'm just reallyyyy bad with directions and yup, I never really bother to put an effort to learn because I love tagging along


Gion...a park, somewhere in kyoto..Collapse )then, we walk to the Shin Kyogoku Shopping ArcadeCollapse )

Nishiki MarketCollapse )

right: our dinner for the day~ bought at the supermarket
left: purins, lots of purins~ and lots of coffee for my mom & sis (mainly sis hehhe)
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First Overseas Trip - JAPAN 2012 ~Day1~

it's a dream came true trip for me~ Japan have always been the only country in the world that i've been dreaming to travel to, and indeed the whole trip was lovely and awesomee :D

I went to Kyoto & Osaka for 7 days with my mom & my sis..Thanks a lot to my sis for the flight ticket and hotel expenses and to my mom for the transportation expenses during our stay there. LOVE THEM SO MUCH!

So, we went there on the 5/11/12 (yup, it was more than a year ago), a week after my finals :D what an awesome way to started my hols eh hahaha

Day 1Collapse )

ok next, i'll write about our days in japan~ the real experience!! 
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YouTube Music Week! - SEKAI NO OWARI
It had just ended!! not anymore actually, since it took me quite sometime to finish this post =.=

today is the first day of YouTube Music Week, and I already missed the first one this morning, Golden Bombers..oh well, theirs will be on every day xD i guess, YouTube Japan is in love with them lol.. the YouTube Music Week will be held for 10 days starting from today until May 6th...
So now, the artist of the night~

It was ok, perhaps would be great if I could understand Japanese >.< and throughout the whole thing, I kept on thinking...if only KAT-TUN or Johnny's could do this kind of things~ just imagining the KAT-TUN boys chatting together and check out comments about them live is enough to make me excited xD fangirl mode ON! lol

oh wells~ i'm looking forward for tomorrow's! AKB48 live at Budokan xD