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JAPAN 2012 TRIP ~ DAY 2 ~

So on our second day we began our journey by some sightseeing and shopping at Kiyomizudera, Shin Kyogoku Arcade and Nishiki Market!

Before I begin, I need to make 2 disclaimers:

1) 99% of the pics were not taken by me. Mostly were taken by my sister and some were by my mom. I only took some pics when my sis forced me..Yup, I only take pics when I'm forced to. If a person knows me well, or hangs around with me a lot would notice that I dont take pics..most of the pics stored in my phone are either pics of a test tubes & petri dishes with cute looking microbes for lab results, friend's notes or textbooks and maybe some random moment of my cats. but those are quite rare too..I dont hate taking pics, I just dont bother to take any..because I really sucks in taking pics and I prefer capturing the moments in my memories rather than taking pics but after sorting the pics for this Japan trip entries, I've started to understand the importance of taking pics xD

2) Throughout the whole trip, I have no idea where we were going, the route etc. I simply tagged along and have no idea how to find our way. Each time my mom and sis discussed about the trains and direction, I would be standing next to them and looked around, enjoying my own world ;D I'm just reallyyyy bad with directions and yup, I never really bother to put an effort to learn because I love tagging along

We left the guesthouse around 7 am..the weather was great, love it! slight chilly, but it wasnt windy so I didnt have to wear and sweater or jacket :)

Here are the pics of part of our route from the guesthouse to kyoto station. Didn't take any pics on the first day since we were carrying our luggage and it was already dark..
2 (17)
this was the small street outside of the guesthouse..its actually a housing area. On the left is the guesthouse while on the right are the houses.. Sometimes we get to bump into the residents...and as expected, Japanese are very friendly so they would greet us and wished us well <3 <3

2 (53)
everyday we would pass by this Gold Coffee shop..its not a cafe, but a shop that sell coffee beans.. so walking here, you will smell the nice bitter fragrant of the coffee (i dont drink coffee tho)..my mom bought some, she said it tastes good..
2 (18)2 (19)
2 (20)

this is the crossroad that we have to  walk through every time we walk to Kyoto St - Guesthouse vice versa. and in the morning, there'll be a lotttt of students walking to school...sometimes I could imagine that I might die in a stampede xD

Our first destination was Kiyomizudera Temple
Of course, as I have already noted earlier, when we were there I have no idea where we were going. And even now, I still have no idea how we get to our destination..my vague memories tell me that we got there by bus...probably we bought 1-day bus pass..I remember we had it for one of the days, but i cant remember which day hehehe

2 (21)P1110367
Kiyomizudera in my memories is on top of a hill,. So we have to walk up to the hill by passing through a number of shophouses. However, as we had started early, most of the shops were still close.. It wasn't that hill-y, so the walking was quite ok, not tiring..

3 (1)3 (13)
Finally, we reached our destination!

The Temples
The main, big temple


3 (3)

~The Beautiful Autumn Leaves~
3 (5)3 (9)

3 (6)
3 (7)
3 (8)
3 (11)

Before we walked down, we sat down at one of the bench to have a quick snack...
these were our snacks we bought earlier in the morning at kyoto station.

2 (2)
my brother actually asked us to buy this buttered-sugar bread for him..since it was only the first day, we only bought one for us to taste (if not, im sure it'll be molded)..we planned to buy them when we're in Osaka, but in the end we couldn't find it at Osaka..so to my brother's disappointment, we didnt but it for him..
but imo, the bread tastes just like a normal bread that u spread some butter and pour some sugar on top that i've always eat since I was small..until now, I've no idea what's the specialty of this bread that made my brother love it so much :/

2 (27)

this is the pastry my sister bought at the pastry shop in Kyoto station~ the center is a chestnut..the pastry itself, tastes really good, it wasn't that sweet <3 but the chestnut was very sweet

The Shopping Street
As mentioned earlier, coming to the temple there were a number of shop houses..walking down the temple we used another route which were filled with many gift shops too, or maybe more. Thus, it was a great place to buy souvenirs. They even have shops selling green tea...When I visited, the green tea was giving out samples, and to our surprise..it was salty!! @@
The taste was quite ok, but i still prefer the normal green tea :)
2 (28)
The street was packed with not only tourists but with students in school uniforms and men with office attires, complete with their briefcase xD
and it was only 9.30 am, I wonder why they are here instead of the school/office..perhaps, school trip and business trip?

2 (29)

2 (32)
the place which ignited my fangirl spirit!
hahha, i went in and asked the おばさん for KAT-TUN or Kamenashi Kazuya..and I got Kamenashi Kazuya's plastic file, a keychain and a small picture..it was for ¥1000..and I bought it without thinking much as I was so excited and the おばさん was quite scary..she looked like she would scold me if I refuse to buy anything :/ thus, this marked my first purchase in Japan..which, when I look back at them, it wasn't a  good purchase..it wasn't the best pic of Kame and it looks cheap..until now, the only thing I have used is the keychain, which I hanged on my bag throughout our trip..

Our next stop was Gion area, a 芸子 「げいこ」, (芸者「げいしゃ」 in kyoto dialect) district

nothing much here since we were there early so there wasnt any 芸子 around...


Before we proceeded to Shin Kyogoku area, we stopped by at a park to perform our prayers. Before we began our prayers, the place was very quiet only 2 or 3 people were there at the park..but after we finished, there were more people coming to have their lunch..

this was the park, im not sure which park it is or where it is, but here's the pics..
Shin Kyogoku Shopping Arcade



fishes~ in one of the shops, not sure whether its this one or not, they sell sashimi (tuna & salmon) on sticks..with a hint of lemon, it tastes realllyyyy goood!!
not sure what are these, maybe some pickled food..

みたらし団子 (dango with sweet and salty sauce)

right: our dinner for the day~ bought at the supermarket
left: purins, lots of purins~ and lots of coffee for my mom & sis (mainly sis hehhe)
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