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YouTube Music Week! - SEKAI NO OWARI
It had just ended!! not anymore actually, since it took me quite sometime to finish this post =.=

today is the first day of YouTube Music Week, and I already missed the first one this morning, Golden Bombers..oh well, theirs will be on every day xD i guess, YouTube Japan is in love with them lol.. the YouTube Music Week will be held for 10 days starting from today until May 6th...
So now, the artist of the night~

basically, the 4 of them just sat together, n talked...and i think they checked out their Google+ too...well actually that's pretty much about it that I could comprehend xD my japanese is not good >.<


actually all this while i never watched their performance/talk...i've only seen their PV and listen to their album...but I reall~~y love their songss! so only now managed to properly observe each of the members, before this I would only know them as a 4-member group, with a clown mascot didn't know he can talk :o and one of the members is a girl...so at least now I know their names, (From left:) Nakajima/Nakajin (guitar), Saori (Piano), Fukase (Voc), and DJ Love (the clown :D)..

and they also performed their new song RPG :D and at the end they showed its PV...

(Fukase, after seeing the performance I'm loving his voice more than ever!)

It was ok, perhaps would be great if I could understand Japanese >.< and throughout the whole thing, I kept on thinking...if only KAT-TUN or Johnny's could do this kind of things~ just imagining the KAT-TUN boys chatting together and check out comments about them live is enough to make me excited xD fangirl mode ON! lol

oh wells~ i'm looking forward for tomorrow's! AKB48 live at Budokan xD


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